Be YOURSELF in SecondLife

The Sanctuary is a hangout for open minded people from any walk of life. We are proud supporters of “come as you are” and “be who you are”. That’s our motto: Be YOURSELF! We are not here to judge. Free and open minded. We dare you to be YOU; as long as you are respectful of all others in the pursuit of your own happiness.


Top 40; Adult Contemporary; Rock; Country; Swing; Classic Rock… our music reflects the many personalities of our patrons.


Something for everyone. Group members have access to a variety of furniture and objects throughout the sim, including the rooftop spa, and private skyboxes.


We can’t always be who we want to be in Real Life. Social norms, stigmas, curiosity sometimes preventing who we are inside. The Sanctuary is where you can Be YOURSELF!


The Sanctuary was built on the foundations of a place for all walks of life, beliefs, orientations, and family structures to come and have a safe place to enjoy. On that note we ask that you follow the short guideline list that we have set out.

  • Please respect that we all have different beliefs. Yours are as important as everyone else’s. If we all remember we share the same cores (be good and do good) we can all agree the differences aren’t important.
  • All people are created in the same light. Gay, Straight, Trans-gender, Purple, Green, Unicorn, Brown, Fury, Human, The list can go on and on. We are not here to be the judge of others. We are here to have fun and be safe.
  • Please feel free to be flirty and sexual in local. You can undress and tease all you want. However please keep all sexual action talk in private (if you need clarification please ask)
  • All animated sexual acts are prohibited from the main floor. Please understand that just because they are availabledoesnt mean they should be used. Any other floors and the skyboxes are where animated sexual acts are encouraged.
  • Be good to one another! No means No. If someone says it then please move along its just that simple.
  • Lastly…Have fun and enjoy your new home away from home!

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Recurring Events

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