The Blazing Sounds of DJ Kasha

The Sanctuary Staff

Kasha Morgath also known as DJ Klutz or DJ Kash hails from Cape Cod Massachusetts in the East Coast of the United States. She attended a prestigious art school in Brookline MA in the heart of the Greater Boston area majoring in Broadcasting and Radio. While there they traveled to NY city and won the Golden Microphone award in the world famous Radio City Music Hall. She spent most of her time while at school doing what she loves the most, creating radio spots (commercials), and playing around in the studio for the sheer fun of it. Kasha fancies herself a true Audiophile loving all sounds of music and styles. Her love of the arts also led her to play musical instruments such as the Violin and Cello. Leaving her RL alone she has been spinning radio Dj style in SL for almost 12 years playing many many clubs,Linden Lab Venues, and Birthday Parties. If you ask her what her favorite thing about being a Dj is she will tell you every time “its the people coupled with their love of the music”. Kasha has also been featured in RezMagazine for her school for club staff (Hosts,DJ’s, etc…) which latter expanded to a collaboration with nEo streams. See Pages 34-36 of REZ Magazine below…

My name is Joel Pendragon…but my fans know me as DJ Daddi Joel. I love to spin music but The Sanctuary is the culmination of many of Kasha’s and my dreams and aspirations. “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” My hope is that our place provides you with many smiles and memories.

Orgasmic Streams with DJ Daddi Joel

Erin Christine Pendragon

Good Day Lovelies!! I might be known to some as Kasha’s mysterious first born SL daughter who was away for nearly a decade. To my friends though, they know me as a combination of a whirling dervish, a bundle of smiles and a flirty celestial.

My role here at The Sanctuary is to hopefully help Kasha and Joel make your experiences pleasurable. You’ll see me around with some of the little things…our website here, group notices, our social media accounts but ultimately when we get our Fantasy Club up and running, that’s where I’ll mostly be.

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