The heart of who and what we are is captured in our Inner Sanctuary. Home of several of the best music performers in Second Life, DJ Kasha and DJ Daddi Joel bring moments to life through their mesmerizing musical sets. They stir a wide range of emotions in those that come to enjoy including Romance…Fire…Laughter…and Love.

A quiet Inner Sanctuary…ready for the next memories to be made.

The Inner Sanctuary will host multiple weekly events including themed parties, holiday specials and of course, those amazing DJ music sets. We’ll also be bringing in other SL renowned DJ’s to enhance the fun and good times as well. Check back frequently as we will be posting our upcoming weekly schedule soon!


The Game Room offers our members a relaxing get away from the daily stresses of Second Life. Spent too much on that new outfit from Kathleen’s….Come play Pictionary on our designer chalkboard. Having relationship problems…Well then why don’t you stop on by with that special someone and play a game of Spin the Bottle (The BEST way to make up…trust me!!). Feeling ultra competitive…Get your buds and partake in the Schwinn Bike Race Game!!!

We will be routinely updating the games to ensure that the fun stays fresh and the competition stays hot!! Come on in and explore!!


“Fancy yourself a Toddy” such as the one highlighted here: or perhaps you prefer something with a bit more of a kick! Our Social Bar offers members a place to take a new acquaintance or and old love to listen to the music and get to know each other a little bit better. We offer a wide range of cocktails, wine and beer in this scenic environment that overlooks a running stream, forests and foothills.


A Lounge….what does one do in a lounge? Do you know what is the best thing about a lounge? You can do ANYTHING you want in a lounge!! Lounging is one of the most underappreciated aspects of life if you truly think about it? With all the running about living your most active and best Second Life possible, how often do we actually just…lounge?

Our lounge is located near (I don’t know where this is) and we welcome you to kick your feet up and relax and…lounge.


The Sanctuary caters to all tastes and this includes our Heavenly Bodies Fantasy Club. Care to enjoy the wiles of our Weeping Angels…by all means!! Perhaps your fantasy is to entertain and become the fantasy yourself? Feel free to log into one of our Dancer tip jars and hop up on the stage…or in the cage!!

We will be hosting special events including our Heavenly Bodies Runway Fashion show so please feel free to check back soon for more announcements!!


Ah decadence…defined as “excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury”. I don’t know about you but when I think of decadence, I dream of a spa day. The feeling of being pampered, worshipped and fawned over in a relaxing and romantic setting. Strong and yet gentle touches combined with warm and luxurious jets of water leave our members with an experience of relaxation and refreshment. This is one of the more secret jewels of The Sanctuary and we encourage you to find and partake of it’s hidden qualities.

Sunset romance awaits those in our rooftop spa…


Control…it comes in many, many forms. Control of the body…control of the mind…control of the spirit. All of those await our members should they wish to explore our BDSM Chamber. Our “Playrooms” are located in a secretive area of The Sanctuary to allow you the feelings of safety and security with your particular style of play. There is no judging, no cameras and no worries…just your simple indulgence into the lifestyles you enjoy the most.

Master offers his regards…what is your pleasure little one??

We believe this will become one of our more used areas in The Sanctuary and at some point there might be a calendar to sign up for available spots. Please take advantage now while the time slots are still without limits!!


Wait…we already have a lounge….what is the difference between the “Lounge” and the “Naughty Lounge”? Well….for starters…

The Naughty Lounge is a clothing optional section of The Sanctuary that leaves less to the imagination!! Here, you can kick back or dance, meet and mingle and be close to some of the naughty toys and experiences that are offered. In this area, we encourage you to be Happy and Naked!!!


Some areas defy description and others are simply left to the imagination of the visitors. Our Dark Room lets members explore and find their own place of mystery under the cover of shadows. Bring a flashlight if you must and know that you might want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to help others find you…if you desire.


Sometimes a pretty environment with lush vegetation, pretty flowers and opulent skies is just the place you want to be. We offer a scenic place to take a nice stroll with that special someone, throw a coin and make a wish in one of our fountains or bask in the great outdoors. Located just outside The Sanctuary, these gardens offer our members a soul warming experience to rejuvenate and revive themselves.

The detail of these sculptures is simply breathtaking!!


One of the most romantic areas of the sim on which The Sanctuary operates is our own ruins area. Used for weddings, worship occasions and other reflective events, The Ruins offer a picturesque place for our members to honor the love to each other, their higher power, their friendships or for any other meaningful situation. Please feel free to visit at any time and make the ruins your special place of reflection.

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